Dual Camera Harness Zoom35 Black Brass. Limited edition.

£194,00 VAT included for EU.

Leather and brass harness for one, two or three cameras.

It is a very elegant, resistant and ergonomic product. These photography straps for two or three cameras will help you work more efficiently.

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Made of premium quality leather and brass.
Extremely elegant thanks to the combination of black and brass,
to carry a camera or two and the accessories you need. With a versatile design capable of carrying 1 to 3 cameras and multiple accessories.
The cameras, in addition to being held in place by a high-strength, easy-to-remove carabiner, are attached to an extra security strap that prevents careless falls and deters potential thieves by being double-secured. At chest height we find two rings, one on each side, ideal for carrying the third camera (Complement included), hanging gloves, glasses, badges or any other object that requires quick access. Durability and design is the basis of the harness, achieving an authentic age over the years, the passage of time on the harness will add a feeling of professionalism and quality to the image of the photographer while working.

The harness is designed to fit your physiognomy thanks to the different sizes; S, M, L.
S: Height 160cm or less / If you are a wide person, we recommend size M.
M: Height 160cm to 190cm / If you are a wide person and are close to 190cm in height, we recommend L
L: Height 190cm or higher.

-1 Zoom35 Black Brass Leather Harness
-2 Auxiliary straps. -2 safety straps.
-2 Screws for cameras.
-1 duffel bag.

straps for third camera. (marking the "check" that is below the size, its price is € 26)

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