Dual Camera Harness Zoom35 (Width 35mm)

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Double leather harness, it is an elegant, resistant and ergonomic product. These two camera photography straps will help you work more efficiently.

* With this double harness you can carry up to three cameras.

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You have 5 different colours. If you want another colour you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Made of premium leather, its 3mm thick and 35mm wide make it resistant, light, comfortable and elegant, with a versatile design capable of carrying 1 to 3 cameras and multiple accessories.

The cameras, in addition to being held by a highly resistant and easily removable carabiner, are attached to an extra safety strap that prevents careless falls and discourages potential thieves by being double-secured.

At chest level we find two rings, one on each side, ideal for carrying the third camera, hanging gloves, glasses, badges or any other object that requires quick access.

Durability and design are the basis of the harness, achieving an authentic old age throughout the years, the passage of time on the harness adds a professional and quality feeling to the photographer's image while working.

The harness is designed to fit your physiognomy thanks to the different sizes; S, M, L. S: Height 160cm or less / If you are a wide person we recommend size M. M: Height 160cm to 190cm / If you are a wide person and approaching 190cm in height we recommend LL: Height 190cm or higher.

Differences from Basic35 model:

-Design is more detailed, details such as markings on the pins.

-In this version the customization of your logo or name by laser is available.

-In this version the seam edging is available.

-In this version the harness can be separated into two straps by means of the rear clip. (one for each camera)

-In this version the rings at chest height if available.

-Includes the canvas transport bag.



- 1 Zoom35 leather harness. (Composed of two pieces.)

-2 auxiliary straps.

-2 Safety straps.

-2 screws for cameras.

-1 canvas transport bag.

Recommendations: If you are not going to use your zoom35 or zoom35 Slim for a long period, hang it as you would with your shirts or jacket. Being made of skin you have to try to take certain care.

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