Dual Camera Harness Zoom35 Slim (27 mm weith)

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With this double harness you will be able to carry three cameras.

If you wish to engrave your harness with your name or logo please kindly contact us on logo@camararnes.es and remember to add it on your purchase. It costs 12,50€


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You have 5 different colours. If you prefer another colour please kindly ask us and we will be glad to help you with more options.

It has been made with Premium leather and its 3mm weith with its 27mm thickness make it resistant, light, comfy and stylish, with a versatile design able to carry from one to three cameras and multiple accessories at a time.

The cameras are held for a super resistant carabiner very easy to take out and on top of that, they are fastened by an extra safety strap that avoid unexpected falls and increase the security against potential thieves.

At the chest you will find two rings, one of each side, ideal to carry the third camera or to held your gloves, sunglasses, badges or any other accessory that has to be handly.

The durability and design is our main concern. We manage to keep the harness pretty and efficient despite de aging, giving you always the quality you need when you are working.

The harness has been designed to be adjustable to your body. It brings you three options of size:

Size Small, S: Height 160cm. If the person using the harness is strong or big we recommend to go for the size M or L.

Size Medium, M: Height 160 to 190 cm.

Size Large, L: Height 190 cm or superior. Please ask us!

What are the differences with the model Basic35?:

-Design with more details, more bolts

-The Basic35 harnesses are not able on the model Slim ( 27mm)With this versión of harness you will be able to customise via laser and engrave your logo or name.

-With this version of harness you will be able to customise via laser and engrave your logo or name.

-This version has the possibility to Split the harness in two different straps through a rear clip ( one strap for each camera )

-This version enables to have rings at the chest if you wish.

-It includes a free clothing bag to carry your harness


-1 leather harness Zoom35 (splitable in two pieces or straps)

-2 spare straps

-2 Safety straps

-2 screw for cameras

1 clothing bag for transportation.


Recommendations: If you are not going to use your harness for a long period of time, the best way to keep it is held on the wardrobe like one of your shirts o suites. You must be carefull and caring as it is really leather.

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